An Announcement

The_TVC_studio.JPGWell hello, and welcome to the brand new Television Of Cruelty web site. Early days yet, of course, but I wanted to set the scene.

Plans are afoot for a new album, to be called Raven’s Croft, and my idea is that I’ll blog about the making of it. If all goes to plan, there’ll be 11 tracks, most of which exist only as lyrics at the moment. However, a few of them are completely written and partially recorded.

Personnel on the new album will include Dave Shaw on drums and Graham Hills on bass. Most of the lyrics are by John Bingham, of Waiting List infamy (and, of course, lyric writer of our biggest “hit”, Teenage Wasteland).

I’ll be adding pages for band bio and all that sort of nonsense soon. End of transmission.

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