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“Their amazingly varied take on modern music is not just workable but truly viable.”

Toxic Pete

Ian Williams, is the man behind Cotswolds-based experimental outfit The Television of Cruelty.

imagesAt 15-years-old, Ian turned his squeaky violin on its side and started strumming, following the footsteps of his factory-worker father who taught himself to play the organ in their family front room.

Often playing in pub back rooms to karaoke-preferring punters, he went on to share the stage with the likes of Tindersticks, The Levellers and even Katrina and the Waves during his days gigging round the 1980s music scene. Being involved in musical projects ranging from Americana, 80s synth-pop and punk, Ian has eclectic influences. He is primarily interested in creativity and has more than musical talents: he’s written computer games for the Amiga, Sinclair Spectrum, PC and internet, devised a script for Channel 4 and even been a cartoonist for popular 1980s children’s ITV cartoon series The Little Green Man.

Writing, performing, recording and producing at his home studio in the Cotswolds, Ian’s subject matter covers English wet weekends, 80s decadence and social despair. Long-time collaborator John Bingham provides some of the gloomier lyrics.

Three albums and four EPs into the band’s career*, new album “Raven’s Croft” is a return to his roots for Ian: here are songs about family, music and mortality, delivered with a folk/pop/punk punch, tenderness and bluster. And this time round, his kids and friends will be providing backing in the form of drums, bass, vocals – and anything else that comes to hand!

Happy For Less
Teenage Wasteland
Four Three-Minute Pop Songs
All So Gear

Season 2
lower england
Dead Sea Shanties
Raven’s Croft

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