Introducing the band…


imageNearly there with the new album. Let’s see…

  • Recording complete: drums added. Tick.
  • Album mixed. Tick.
  • Album mastered. Tick.
  • Album listened to. Tick.
  • Last minute worries voiced. Tick.
  • Album re-mastered. Tick.
  • Photo shoot organised. Tick.
  • Photo shoot reorganised. Tick.
  • Photos taken. Tick.
  • Co-producer/engineer/bass player photographed. Tick.
  • Cover art finalised. Tick.
  • Photos sent to designer. Tick.
  • First draft of CD cover. Tick.
  • Audio and artwork uploaded to CD Baby. Tick.

It was always going to be a huge challenge for Dave Shaw to add his drums right at the end of the recording process but the combination of his excellence as a drummer and engineer Dave Saunders’s patience and professionalism served us handsomely. The end result is one huge record that takes the band well beyond our previous releases. What started out as a folk album now embraces Mott The Hoople, Phil Spector, The Clash, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, The Pogues and, well… a ukulele band.

For a sample of how it all sounds, have a listen to title track Raven’s Croft on Soundcloud. It is epic.

The release date’s not quite set yet. Making the CDs will take a bit longer than submitting it to iTunes, Amazon, etc., so we might release digitally first. The CD will be worth having though: designer Pete Brooks has done a fab job with it so far – it just needs a few tweaks and we’re good to go.


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