Songs for the new album


Been giving some thought to new album Raven’s Croft. I have a huge pile of lyrics courtesy of Mr John Bingham, along with a couple of songs of my own. A first stab at a track listing looks like this:

  • 20,000 Years
  • The Fortune Teller
  • Just Drive
  • Dancing In The Damage
  • Will You Still?
  • Pete, Bob And Lula
  • Emily
  • Cheap Room, Upstairs, Top Left
  • Some Other Saturday
  • Boys O’ Galway
  • As All Days Must

The first two and Emily I wrote myself, the rest are JB lyrics, two of which now have tunes, Just Drive and Will You Still? Interestingly, John has his own tune for Just Drive, written with his brother, but I think he’s OK for me to use my own!

I’ve also been collecting folk/ethnic instruments together for the recordings: a mandolin, lap steel, two tin whistles, a blues harmonica, a banjo ukulele and a melodica. Dave Shaw will definitely be drumming on it and I’m hopeful that Graham Hills will have time to lay down some bass. Other possibles are Jen and Becca on vocals and Simon Stoneham on banjo, and you never know, I might persuade Jack to help out too. I’m also harbouring an ambition to have one of the songs performed by a ukulele band from Worcester – wouldn’t that be cool?

(Photo was taken in The Swan, Cheltenham, by the way, which is where I’m writing this. Best pub in town and quiet-ish today before the Gold Cup onslaught next week…)

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