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We’ve been working very hard on new album Raven’s Croft. So far we have 11 tracks written and partially recorded. All tracks have been recorded at Abbey View (my back bedroom studio) and we’ve had one session so far at Little Monkey Studios in Cheltenham (pictured), where the drum recording, mixing and mastering will take place.

Adding the drums at the end of the recording process is, as my old Nana might have said, completely a**e about face (we often had to add asterisks to her utterances) but we’re having to make the best of it. Drummer Dave did a spectacular job on Saturday but there’s a lot more work to do. Adding real drums to tracks I’ve already smoothed together is fraught with danger – it’s just too easy to destabilise the whole song. Looks like mixing will take some time and some guitar and vocal parts might have be re-recorded (although that’s probably more due to engineering and performing failings on my part!).

The style of the project has changed a little bit too. Remember how this was going to be a folky album? You do? Oh dear. You know perfectly well how I can’t stick to a style, so this time we have on offer the following: Country Swing, Irish Folk, Dylan, Punk, Reggae, Bowie, Disco and, errm, a ukelele band.

I recorded the Worcester Ukelele Club (aka WUC) playing and singing the song I wrote for them, As All Days Must, a few weeks ago. They did a fine job – we had a great evening together – and the track will be the last on the album. I’m proud to report that the group have already added the song to their live repertoire and the recording has already been played on Radio Hereford & Worcester.

A possible track listing is…

  1. Introducing The Band
  2. 20,000 Years
  3. Firework Show
  4. Raven’s Croft
  5. Photographs
  6. Will You Still?
  7. Dancing In The Damage
  8. The Futures Never Know
  9. The Fortune Teller
  10. Just Drive
  11. As All Days Must

I’ll publish short descriptions of all the tracks when I’m confident they’re all going to make the cut – the mixing process is still a bit of an unknown quantity and I’m determined that this will the best-sounding thing that The Television Of Cruelty have ever produced!

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