Will You Still?


As it was quite a nice day today I thought I’d stay indoors and work on my studio tan. Coming on nicely, thank you.

I wanted to get a version of Will You Still? recorded. This is another new song for the Raven’s Croft album, lyrics again courtesy of John Bingham and music by me. Started with the piano part, a lilting waltz, piped through a (virtual) guitar amp and some heavyweight compression. It’s not perfectly played but I’m thinking that that’s the way with this album: I really want an organic feel, as far away from electronic music as I can get without trashing all my electronic gadgets.

I then added some guide drums and bass (to be replaced by the real thing in the near future), 12-string, vocals and electric guitar. And you know, it does sound lovely, even if I do say so myself. For the electric parts I played my NEW GUITAR, a beautiful new American Fender Strat I bought yesterday (pictured above). Man, this thing just sings. And makes me come over all American!

Dave the Drummer has been busy convincing me to start gigging so we’ll have to start rehearsing, I s’pose. We used to practise down at Lansdown Studios so I’m hoping they’re still open. Line-up will be meself, Dave on drums, Jen on keys and vocals, Graham on bass (although I haven’t told him yet!) and Jack on acoustic and vocals. We’ll do a few Americana covers, the new album and some other TVC stuff. Really exciting.

And finally, I have a new lyric from John Bingham – I told him I wanted a song called Raven’s Croft about the power of music and how my Dad and John Peel both introduced me to great sounds, and he rang a lyric through later that day.

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