Easter 2013

IMG_0257On Easter Saturday mysterious bass player “G” (real name Graham Hills) popped round to lay down some bass licks on 20,000 Years and The Fortune Teller. The session was a great success, Graham’s bass adding extra drive and vigour to the tracks. Considering that these were songs we last played together years ago in short-lived Americana act Kurtz Riverboat Company, this was a sure sign that his his marbles are still just about intact!

Graham also brought round his sax and we’ll definitely be using it on new song Dancing In The Damage, which has a reggae feel. I know, folk and reggae don’t normally go together but I reckon we can make it work.

I’ve also now written the ukelele song, As All Days Must, and put together a rough demo so the ukelele band can learn it. They’re the Worcester Ukelele Club and, from what I hear from club member Lorry, they’re keen to give it a go, which is fantastic news. I only hope they can sing it, because I can’t! It’s a bit too low for me –  but I’m counting on the fact that most blokes have a lower singing voice !

Drummer Dave is also keen to get going and I’m hoping we can organise a weekend soon to record drums on the first two songs. Dave’s also talking about gigs. Well, you never know! Perhaps an album launch party to get us started?

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